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  About HUUC
About HUUC

Henan University of Urban Construction (HUUC) is the only provincial level university in Henan which specializes in Civil Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment. The university is situated in the new district of Pingdingshan between White Turtle Lake and the "flat topped mountain" which gives the city its name.

HUUC grew out of two pre-existing institutions: Pingdingshan Urban Environmental Protection School, founded in 1983 and the Henan branch of Wuhan Urban Construction University, founded in 1985. In 1993 the latter institution was renamed Henan Urban Construction College and in 2000 the two institutions merged under this new name. In 2002 the Ministry of Education gave the college degree awarding powers and it was renamed Pingdingshan Technology University. The increasingly important role which the university has come to play within the provincial economy prompted its renaming in 2008, at which point it became Henan University of Urban Construction.

The university currently offers 49 undergraduate degree programs and 11 specialty non-degree programs across eight discipline areas: engineering; science; agriculture; management; economics; law; literature; art and design. The university has 19 faculties, including the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Municipal and Environment Engineering, the School of Communication and Transportation Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Material Engineering, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the School of Survey Engineering, the School of Energy and Building Environment Engineering, the School of Life Science and Engineering, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the School of Management Engineering, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Law, the School of Mathematics & Physics, the School of Art Design, the School of Software, the School of International Education, the School of Continuing Education and one department: the Department of Physical Education.

The university has over 18,700 full time students from across China's many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Over 1100 staff work at HUUC including 850 full-time teachers, including 84 full professors and 262 associate professors. Over 75% of the teaching staff at HUUC have attained Doctoral or Masters degrees. Since it was established, HUUC has trained more than 60,000 technical personnel who have gone on to contribute regionally and nationally.

Undergraduate teaching at HUUC is a central part of its mission; the university has one "State-Level Undergraduate Program", two "Provincial Level Teaching Teams", five experimental teaching demonstration centers and a provincial level teaching resources sharing center. In addition to this, staff at HUUC are currently engaged in a range of education and teaching reform pilot programs; to date the university has completed 29 provincial level education reform and teaching research programs, winning 7 provincial teaching prizes. Over 25% of HUUC's graduating students go on to further postgraduate study.

In recent years the university has supported the completion and publication of 388 major research projects, including projects carried out at provincial and national level. Staff at HUUC have written and published 212 textbooks and academic monographs, 2385 papers, studies and articles - of which 483 have been indexed - and applied for 17 patents for new technology. HUUC has received over one hundred provincial and prefecture level prizes for progress in science and technology: contributing substantially to the growth and development of the local economy.

The university has 82 teaching laboratories and a range of specialized research and experimental equipment worth over 130 million yuan. The library has substantial physical and digital collections covering all academic areas and including a wide range of foreign language publications. The university also has a substantial gym and other sports facilities including an athletics track, sports fields and various courts for ball games.

The university attaches great importance to student experience and supports a wide range of extra curricular activities including an annual "Challenge Cup" and "Science and Culture Festival" in addition to various debates, competitions, elective courses and guest lectures.

Employment rates for graduates of HUUC's key specialism have remained at or above 95% throughout recent years - ranking first amongst the colleges and universities in Henan Province. In 2009, the university's graduate employability rate was listed in the top 20 for the non-"Project 211" universities in the Central Southern regions by MyCOS. In 2012 HUUC was officially listed as amongst the top 50 institutions nationwide for graduate employment and won the title of "Most Competitive Model University of Employability" in Henan.

In addition to its contributions to local and regional development and education, HUUC has established a range of international communications and partnership with institutions worldwide, including: the University of the Highlands and Islands; University of Sunderland; the University of Stuttgart in Germany; the University of Canberra in Australia; and Linton University in Malaysia. HUUC has recently commenced collaborative undergraduate programs with two overseas partners and supports staff engaged in international research projects.

In 2011, HUUC received official approval to deliver an articulated program of undergraduate study with Linton University (Malaysia) and in 2013 the university added a further partnership to its portfolio of international programs in partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands (Scotland). HUUC also runs joint graduate training with Zhengzhou University, Henan Polytechnic University, Henan Science and Technology University and other colleges and universities.

HUUC's broader social mission incorporates the development of the economy and society within Henan Province. In pursuing this mission, staff and students at HUUC have won a wide range of political and social awards including the "National League, Four Red Flag Award", the "Student "Three Countryside" Volunteers Award" and the "Advanced Student Loan and Support Award" in addition to many others.

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