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School of Law

The School of Law is one of the early-founded teaching division. The predecessor of The Teaching Division of Politics Education was the Politics Team established in 1986. 1996 witnessed The New Marx-Lenin Moral Education Teaching and Research Section ,the branch of WU Han University of Urban Construction . it was transformed into Social Scientific Faculty of Henan Urban construction junior college, including the teaching and research sections of Marx-Lenin and Moral Education. In 2000 it was renamed the Faculty of social science of Henan Urban construction junior college. With its upgrading into the pingdignshanInstituteOfTechnologyin March , 2002, it was named again as the Social Scientific Faculty, pingdignshanInstituteOfTechnologywith the permission the school authorities. School of Law was set up in 2005, and the Social Scientific Faculty was renamed School of Law, sharing one office. In November,2008 it was renamed again as the School of Law, He NanuniversityofUrban Construction.

There is one undergraduate program in thisSchool with three Faculty of Law, Moral Education and Marx-Lenin. 35 teaching staff are working here ,among whom 4 are professors, 15 associate professors, 1 economic engineer, 14 lecturers and 1 assistant. 5 of them has obtained Doctor's degree and 21 master's . 54.3%of these teaching staff with Senior professional titles and 89% under the age of 45 constitutes a relatively qualified teaching team . To promote the subject construction and the union of theory and practice and to enlarge academic communication, renowned legal experts from key universities, experts and leaders from Provincial Higher People's and the Municipal Intermediate People's Court of Appeal , senior counsels are employed as adjunct professor

In addition, also have more than 10 door legal science specialized elective course. In 2008, the civil law shool was awarded the course. In the legal education, combining theory with practice to develop professional judgment, simulation, the social practice, law consulting activities, the establishment "the legal aid center" to provide students with regular exercise legal practice operation skill and the social public service platform. Refer to the ideological and political education is the main course of marxist theory ", "MAO zedong thought system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics of China's modern history outline", "thought morals tutelage and legal foundation" four courses, the use of national ministry of education Faculty of social administration to compile the universities teaching demonstration.

In addition, the School also bear parts of teaching work of the elective course in humanistic quality, and plays an important role in improving the legal consciousness and the construction of the campus culture. Since 2008, the curriculums of "thought morals tutelage and legal foundation", "MAO zedong thought system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics" have been named as the master curriculums of ideological and political theory in higher school inHenanprovince.

The School of Law is mainly responsible for professional teaching task. The Teaching Division of Politics Education under the teaching task of Ideological and Political Theory Course . The School of Law has established subject system in accordance with law teaching schedule by the Ministry of Education .

Since 2005, the School of Law enrolls about 120 people forming three classes each year .At present it has two years of graduates already, employment rate has reached as high as 92% , many of the graduates are employed by court, procuratorate and law firms etc, or enrolled by such key universities as Zhe Jiang University , Xiamen University etc for further study.

Research has also made great achievements. Over the past five years, the School has successively presided and participate in the completion of 2 national subjects, 11 prov.incial subjects and hundreds of local subjects. There are more than 300 papers published, including over 80 which are published in central magazines, over 30 acaedmic books and teaching books are published.

The School of Law has multifunction simulation court, microcomputer room which referring for the teaching and study.

Today,Chinais ruled by law and is creating a harmonious society . Attaching the proper leading and great support of the party and administrative committee of our college, the School of Law will work hard to have a bright future!

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