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School of Software

Software College, Henan University of Urban Construction has been approved by the education department of Henan province 3, 2010. Software College has rich faculty resources. At present we have specialized and part-time 75 teachers of which 23 are senior title, 36 are lecturer and engineers. Of the teachers 1 has Dr. Degrees, 8 teachers are doctoral student, 23 teachers are double qualified teachers, Master degree or above are more than 80 percent of the proportion of teachers. Software College has four majors: software technology, computer network technology, computer information management, cartoon and caricature design. The college has the department of the teaching management, the student management and employment guidance, qualification certification and students training, etc. Software vocational technical college has software engineering, information management, multimedia technology, software integration, repair and maintenance, principles of Computer Composition, single-chip and microcomputer interface, embedded chips, network engineering laboratory and 2 student science and technology activity base, a professional room of reference books. At present, the college has multimedia, computer animation design and fabrication, assembly and intenance, integrated wiring training room etc. and more than 10 ten practice bases. Software vocational technical college insists on to cultivate competitive practical technicians on social demand, to cultivate competitive practical with the enterprise, to cultivate competitive practical associate with the employment. We take order-mode education patterns and create brand of higher vocational education features. Software College puts emphasis on vocational education and professional needs of software applications based synchronization, stress positions for employment of professional education and applied practice and student abilities to combine sustainable development. We take of the school-enterprise cooperation, leading software vendors and software companies co-curriculum, training cooperation, enterprise which provide students with practical reality environment, thus students can improve the professional ability to adapt, applying practical abilities, teamwork spirit and sustainable development capacity. Student can be awarded the specialist diploma of Henan University of Urban Construction if he studies two years and passes the qualified scores. After graduation, students can take part in the examination of Top-up or employment.

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